Frequently asked questions

Are you open and what are your hours?

Yes we are! The garden center hours are: Monday - Friday 9-5; Saturday 9-6; and Sunday 9-4.

Where are your farmer's markets?

Our markets are all currently closed for the season. Please see our FARMERS MARKET section in the navigation bar to see where we were this past season.

What are your COVID policies?

Customers are required to wear masks when shopping and to practice social distancing when possible. We also ask that you do your best to limit what you touch while shopping. All carts are sanitized between shoppers. **Our COVID policies are subject to change as the local and federal regulations on businesses change throughout the pandemic. All policies are posted at the entrance.**

When will I be able to buy produce again.

We will begin attanding farmers markets again soon. Typically, we begin attending them in late May-Early June. Produce will also be available at the garden center as soon as our plants begin producing.

What flowers do you carry in the Spring?

We carry a large variety of flowers. To see a comprehensive list, please go to the OUR FLOWERS page listed under our GARDEN CENTER tab.

How often do you get new flowers in during the Spring season?

We grow nearly everything we sell. All of our plants are grown in rotations to ensure that we have fresh plants throughout the season. Once we sell out of these rotations, it is highly unlikely that we will get that item back in stock. We rarely buy in anything except the tropical plants and these are shipped to us once a season. When they are sold out we will not get anymore in stock.

Why do we have to wear masks if we're outside?

While part of the garden center is outside, most of it is INSIDE of the greenhouses. In order to ensure everyone is wearing masks while in the greenhouses, we require our customers to wear masks at all times. We also tend to get quite busy, making social distancing difficult to enforce. Also, according to current guidelines, masks are required in all retail establishments. The only place they are not requires is in outdoor, public spaces where social distancing is possible. The garden center is both a retail establishment and private property. As such, our policy is to require masks be worn while shopping in the garden center. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Our Address:

5180 Sixes Road

Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Phone: (443) 486-4769


**Please note that many GPS apps will take you to our back entrance on Sandy Point Road. DO NOT USE THIS ENTRANCE. It is for deliveries only. The garden center entrance is on Sixes Road ONLY.

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Cardinal Creek Plant Farm, Inc. 

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