Order Here and Pick Up at the Farm

How to order your produce:

-To pick up your produce the same day, it must be ordered by 4 pm Friday and Saturday or 3 pm Sunday. DO NOT order after 3 pm Sunday. 

-Any produce ordered after the times listed above will be available for pickup the next day.....Please note that we are only open Friday - Sunday. Do not order produce Sunday after 3. You CANNOT pick it up on Monday. If this happens your money will be refunded.

-We pull orders as soon as they are submitted. You will receive a Pickup Ready email once your order has been pulled. Sometimes these emails go straight to spam/junk folders. If you don't get an email, please give us at least 20 minutes to have your order pulled. 

These items are not available to pre-order for a farmer's market. We do offer pre-orders for the CalvertHealth Farmer's Market on Tuesdays. Please click here to pre-order for that market.

All of our produce is sold by the quart and/or by the piece. Click on the item you're interested in to see all the options. 

We tend to have other items available at the farm. If there is a limited quantity it won't be available through the website, but you can purchase anything else you'd like when you come to pick up your order.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.